Ellsworth Smith International Trumpet Solo Competition 2016

Rules and Repertoire

1. The competition is open to all trumpeters born on or after January 1, 1986.


2. Registration will open March 1, 2016 and will close May 1, 2016. Specific application instructions will be made available at the competition web site http://www.ellsworthsmithtrumpetcompetition.com. All applications must be completed by May 1, 2016. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Competition Registration page is at the following URL:


3. Applications will include:

            a. Completed online application form (see link above)

            b. Non-refundable application fee of $100 USD (to be paid at Competition Registration page linked above)

            c. An unedited recording of the works specified in “Round One – Recorded Round” in mp3 format. Note: All pieces must include piano accompaniment, and multi-movement works must be combined into a single mp3 file. Editing within movements is not permitted, but each individual movement may come from a separate take.

            d. A one-page resume in PDF format, emailed directly to Competition Host, Dr. Eric Yates, at eyates@music.ua.edu

            e. A copy of a document verifying date of birth such as passport, government-issued ID, drivers’ license, birth certificate, etc. in PDF format, emailed directly to Competition Host, Dr. Eric Yates, at eyates@music.ua.edu


Contestants who are advanced to Round Two will be required to provide additional specific promotional materials and an additional non-refundable fee of $100 if the contestant intends to utilize a competition-provided piano collaborator. The competition host will provide complete instructions and deadline for receipt of these additional materials at time of notification.


4. The competition will consist of five rounds. Round One will be judged on the basis of a recording. Rounds Two through Five will be performed live at The University of Alabama School of Music, Tuscaloosa AL, USA.


5. *Prizes: A first prize of $10,000 USD and a second prize of $5,000 USD. Judges reserve the right to not award a first or second prize if they feel that no contestant meets the standards set for the competition. No ties will be awarded.

*All prize winnings of US and non-US citizens will be subject to applicable US and Alabama income tax laws and withholding requirements.


6. Round One – Recorded Round

Tartini, Giuseppe: Concerto in D (Arr. Ivan Jevtic, Gérard Billaudot Éditeur)

Böhme, Oskar: Trumpet Concerto in f minor Op.18 (Simrock)

Françaix, Jean: Sonatine (Éditions Max Eschig)


The indicated editions are to be used. The recorded should be of high audio quality and unedited (individual movements/pieces may not contain splicing). Do not announce the contestant’s name, titles of pieces, or include speaking of any kind on the recording. All recordings will be numbered and judged anonymously.


A maximum of eight contestants will be advanced to Round Two (to be performed live at the University of Alabama). These contestants will be notified by June 15, 2016.  After these players are confirmed, other applicants will be notified.


7. Round Two (live, with piano)

Höhne, Carl: Slavische Fantasie (Bote & Bock)

Tomasi, Henri: Triptyche (Alphonse Leduc)

Hummel, Johann Nepomuk: Concerto in Eb (Hickman Music Editions)


8. Round Three (with piano)

Rouse, Steve: The Avatar (Lauren Keiser Music Publishing)

Chaynes, Charles: Concerto for Trumpet (Alphonse Leduc)


A maximum of five semifinalists will be advanced to Round Four.


9. Round Four – Semifinal Round (with piano)

Bach, J.S.: Rondeau and Badinerie from Suite in B (Arr. Thilde, Gérard Billaudot Éditeur)

Bitsch, Marcel: Quatre Variations sur un thème de Domenico Scarlatti (Alphonse Leduc)

Henze, Hans Werner: Sonatina for Solo Trumpet (Schott)

Pakhmutova, Alexandra: Concerto for Trumpet (Hal Leonard)


Two or three finalists will be advanced to Round Five.


10. Round Five – Final Round (with orchestra)

Gryc, Stephen: Evensong (new orchestration by composer)

Hétu, Jacques: Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra